WPML: Translating Awesome Support Taxonomies

Translating Awesome Support’s taxonomies Awesome Support comes with multiple custom taxonomies which will need to be translated by WPML. The taxonomies we will be covering are: Departments, Products and Priority. First, we should create sample data for each of these taxonomies. The following Awesome Support documentation pages outline how to do this: Admin configure priorities Admin configure departments Admin configure products In this… Continue reading WPML: Translating Awesome Support Taxonomies

WPML: Translating Awesome Support Pages

Translating each Awesome Support page If you have followed the instructions in the previous sections then all minimum configurations have been completed and we are ready to translate the Awesome Support pages. We will now go through step by step each of Awesome Support‘s pages and translate missing strings using WPML’s String Translation. Starting translation of the “Submit Ticket”… Continue reading WPML: Translating Awesome Support Pages

WPML: Setting Localization Options

Setting WPML localization options WPML has specific configuration for theme and plugin translations. As we are focusing on translating the Awesome Support plugin we need to set one of two options. First, you will need to access the “Theme and plugins localization” page from the “WPML” menu node on the left side menu on the administration panel. Once… Continue reading WPML: Setting Localization Options

WPML: Set Up Awesome Support For WPML

Initial Awesome Support Set up You will need to access the “Plugins” section of the WordPress administration panel and activate “Awesome Support”: Once activated you will see a “Tickets” menu node: Also, when on the “Pages” section of the administration panel you will see that Awesome Support has created two new pages: “My Tickets” and “Submit Ticket”.… Continue reading WPML: Set Up Awesome Support For WPML

WPML: Quick Installation Guide

When installing WPML, there are many options you can choose – here is how you should install it to work with Awesome Support. Initial WPML setup Assuming you have uploaded the premium WPML plugins to WordPress, you first need to activate at least two of them. To activate the plugins required you will need to… Continue reading WPML: Quick Installation Guide

WPML: Introduction

WPML is the most populate multi-language translation plugin available for WordPress.  It is, as they, say, THE granddaddy of translation plugins.  Awesome Support is compatible with WPML for most basic operations.  For some of the advanced functions, they may or may not work for you – there are many edge cases where the translation functions… Continue reading WPML: Introduction

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