Polylang: Translating Awesome Support Taxonomies

Translating Awesome Support’s taxonomies Now that each Awesome Support page has been created in each language version using Polylang, the pages should appear in their respective language. The strings translated will be from the language MO/PO files which are contained in the Awesome Support plugin. The final thing that needs to be done for a minimal configuration between Polylang and Awesome Support is to translate Awesome… Continue reading Polylang: Translating Awesome Support Taxonomies

Polylang: Translate Awesome Support Page Contents

Translating the content of Awesome Support’s pages Awesome Support‘s pages contain shortcodes which provides their functionality. All string translations that are contained in these shortcodes are handled through PO/MO files. Awesome Support provides a standard POT file which you use can use to create your own PO/MO files in the language that you require. For more information… Continue reading Polylang: Translate Awesome Support Page Contents

Polylang: Setup Awesome Support

Initial Awesome Support set up You will need to access the “Plugins” section of the WordPress administration panel and activate “Awesome Support”: Once activated you will see a “Tickets” menu node: Also, when on the “Pages” section of the administration panel you will see that Awesome Support has created two new pages: “My Tickets” and “Submit Ticket”.… Continue reading Polylang: Setup Awesome Support

Polylang: Introduction

Polylang and Polylang Pro are plugins that help you translate WordPress themes and WordPress plugins.  In particular it assists in offering translations for post and taxonomy content and then allowing your end user to dynamically switch between language versions using a language switcher widget. Unlike WPML, Polylang does not allow you to easily translate the embedded strings in a… Continue reading Polylang: Introduction

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