Agent Functions: Reply To A Ticket

To reply to a ticket, first you should navigate to the ticket – Navigate to your ticket. You should see a screen similar to this one: The reply area is located at the bottom of the ticket.  Just type your reply to the ticket and click the REPLY button.

Agent Functions: View All Tickets

All agents view and respond to tickets on WordPress’s admin (‘wp-admin’).  To access the Tickets console: Log in to ‘wp-admin’ – the URL is usually Click on the TICKETS->All Tickets option (TICKETS is the main menu option in the WordPress Admin menu located on the left side of the dashboard) Your tickets list should look similar… Continue reading Agent Functions: View All Tickets

Basic Admin: Add An Agent

To add an agent to Awesome Support, all you have to do is add a regular use and grant them the Support Agent Role. Go to USERS->ADD User Fill in the requested user information In the Role field select Support Agent from the drop-down Click the Add New User button. Go to the USERS list again. Navigate to the new user you created and… Continue reading Basic Admin: Add An Agent

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