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ADMIN: Advanced System Options

Awesome Support includes a myriad of advanced options to allow you to tweak your installation or to work around common issues related to server configurations and hosting providers.

You can access these options under the TICKETS->SETTINGS->ADVANCED tab.

In that tab you’ll see the following sections:

  • Importer Integration:  When tickets are being imported from other SAAS system you can control some aspects of what is displayed on the screen for those tickets here.
  • Attachment Overrides:  Some servers are configured in ways that deny permissions needed when viewing attachments.  You can use the settings in this section to workaround those restrictions.
  • Compatibility:  Use this section to load alternative versions of certain libraries that commonly conflict with certain popular themes and plugins.
  • Bootstrap Support (Experimental): You can load the bootstrap 3 or 4 library on the front-end or back-end.  This is useful if you want to create rows and columns for custom fields since you can use the Bootstrap classes to create those rows and columns.
  • Sessions and Cookie Management:  Control over sessions and cookies can be done here – especially in regards to http vs https.
  • Log Files: Control where log files should be placed.
  • Danger Zone:  Control whether or not to delete data when the plugin is uninstalled

The data elements in each section is pretty self explanatory on the screen so we’re not going to repeat the text here.  Instead we’ll just show the screen shots for each section.

Importer Integration

Attachment Overrides


Bootstrap Support

Sessions and Cookie Management

Log Files



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