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ADMIN: Basic Time Tracking

ADMIN: Basic Time Tracking


Awesome Support Core includes the ability for agents to manually enter time on a ticket.  The administrator can control whether or not to allow the time tracking fields to be shown on a ticket, turn on/off the audit log and set which time fields, if any, to show in the ticket list.

When shown, time tracking fields are only displayed on the “back-end” (wp-admin).

It is important to realize that the time tracking functions in the FREE core product is limited to MANUAL tracking – and there are no pre-configured reports. For reports, invoicing and automated time tracking functions please take a look at our premium Time Tracking add-on.

Configure Time Fields

  2. Scroll down to the Basic Time Tracking Section
  3. Turn on or off items as needed in that section – see below for what each item does.
  4. Don’t forget to click the SAVE CHANGES button!


Here is what each item in the Basic Time Tracking configuration panel does:

  • Show Basic Time Tracking Fields:  Whether to show the fields on the ticket.  Agents cannot enter time if the fields are not shown on the ticket!
  • Allow Agents To Enter Time:  If time tracking fields are shown, whether to allow agents to manually enter time.  If another premium time-tracking add-on is enabled, then you want disable this field because the premium add-on will be responsible for time tracking data entry and adjustments.
  • Recalculate Final Time On Save:  Generally, if you are using time tracking you want to turn this on. HOWEVER, you should turn it off if another premium time-tracking add-on is enabled since it would be responsible for all time tracking calculations
  • Keep Audit Log:  If enabled, then every change to a time field is shown as a note in the ticket.
  • Show Total Time In Ticket List: Turn on to show the time in the main ticket list.
  • Show Total Time Adjustments In Ticket List: Turn on to show the time adjustments in the main ticket list.
  • Show Final Recorded Time In Ticket List:  Turn on to show the final calculated time in the main ticket list.

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