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ADMIN: Deleting Attachments (Manual and Automatic)

Straight out of the box, Awesome Support does NOT allow admins or agents to delete attachments from tickets. However, this option can be turned on.  To turn this option on for agents or end users:

  2. Scroll down to the PERMISSIONS section
  3. Turn on the appropriate checkboxes
  4. Scroll down and click the SAVE CHANGES button

  • Agents Can Delete:  Turn this on to allow agents to delete attachments
  • Users Can Delete: Turn this on to allow users to delete attachments.

When an agent or user can delete an attachment, they will see a red X next to the attachment name:

Clicking on the red “X” will delete the attachment(s)

Automatically Deleting Attachments

You can automatically delete all attachments when a ticket is closed.  This is useful if your users routinely send you material that is potentially copyrighted that you do not want to store on your server after its usefulness has expired (when the ticket is closed).

To delete all attachments on close, just turn on the AUTO DELETE ON CLOSE option (see two images above.)  With this option turned on, ALL attachments on the ticket from all file upload fields (core and custom fields) will be removed from the ticket when the user or agent closes the ticket.

Note that turning this option on only affects NEW tickets that are opened after the option is turned on!  If you want it to affect all existing open tickets you can go to the TICKETS->TOOLS->CLEANUP tab and scroll down to the TOOLS TO HANDLE TICKET AND REPLY ATTACHMENTS section to view your options.

End User Control

If you’d like the end user to be able to control whether attachments should be auto-deleted on close then turn on the USER CONTROLS AUTO DELETE FLAG option.  In order for this to take effect the AUTO DELETE ON CLOSE option must also be turned on.


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