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ADMIN: Misc Display Options For Agents and Admins

Awesome Support includes a number of configuration options to control the size of display lists for administrators and agents as well as other useful misc global display options.  To access and update these:

  2. The first section is labeled GENERAL ADMIN AND AGENT OPTIONS – this is where most of the display options are set for the wp-admin tickets area
  3. Turn on or off items as needed in that section – see below for what each item does.
  4. Don’t forget to click the SAVE CHANGES button!

  • Default Assignee:  If an agent cannot be determined for a ticket through any other process, then the agent specified in this field will be used for the ticket.
  • Use SELECT2 For Staff Dropdowns:  Agent drop-downs are currently rendered like normal Windows drop-down fields.  However, if you have a lot of agents, then it can be inefficient to create that drop-down.  In that case you can use a type of drop-down called SELECT2.  With this drop-down the user has to type the first three characters of an agents name in order to see a list of matching agents.
  • Replies Order:  Should replies be shown from old to new (old at the top) or new to old (newer replies at the top)?
  • Replies Per Page:  This is probably self explanatory as well – how many replies should be shown before you see the page controls –  forcing you to click to see additional replies?
  • Hide Closed:  Should closed tickets be hidden by default?
  • Show Count: Should a count be shown on the admin TICKETS menu – it will look something like this if turned on:

  • Old Tickets:  How many days should pass before a ticket is considered “old”?  This affects whether or not an “old” tag is shown in the ticket list.  This is what that tag looks like in the ticket list:

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