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ADMIN: Roles And Capabilities

When Awesome Support is installed there are FOUR new ROLES that are added to your WordPress site along with a slew of new WordPress Capabilities.  These four roles are:

  • Support Supervisor – has the same rights as your editors plus all rights for Awesome Support.  Its internal role name is wpas_manager.
  • Support Manager – has the same rights as your subscribers plus all rights for Awesome Support.  Its internal role name is wpas_support_manager.
  • Support Agent – has the same rights as your authors plus the ability to handle tickets on behalf of other users. Its internal role name is wpas_agent.
  • Support User – has very limited rights to open new tickets for themselves and to add replies to their own tickets.  Its internal role name is wpas_user.

Basically, the WordPress Admins, Support Supervisors and Support Manager have the same rights to handle activities in Awesome Support.  The difference between the roles is their ability to handle other WordPress functions (admin vs editor vs subscriber).

Full List Of Capabilities

Here is the full list of Capabilities added by version 5.2 of Awesome Support.

  • view_ticket
  • view_private_ticket
  • edit_ticket
  • edit_other_ticket
  • edit_private_ticket
  • delete_ticket
  • delete_reply
  • delete_private_ticket
  • delete_other_ticket
  • assign_ticket
  • close_ticket
  • reply_ticket
  • settings_tickets
  • ticket_taxonomy
  • create_ticket
  • attach_files
  • view_all_tickets
  • view_unassigned_tickets
  • manage_licenses_for_awesome_support
  • administer_awesome_support
  • ticket_manage_tags
  • ticket_edit_tags
  • ticket_delete_tags
  • ticket_manage_products
  • ticket_edit_products
  • ticket_delete_products
  • ticket_manage_departments
  • ticket_edit_departments
  • ticket_delete_departments
  • ticket_manage_priorities
  • ticket_edit_priorities
  • ticket_delete_priorities
  • ticket_manage_channels
  • ticket_edit_channels
  • ticket_delete_channels
  • assign_ticket_creator
  • tickets_manage_privacy

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