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Links To Existing PO Files

Awesome Support includes full and partial translations for many languages.  However, only MO files are shipped with the core plugin.  If you would like to edit the PO files to create your own MO files you can download them using the links below.

However, please note that if your translations are not specific to your business and can benefit all users, you should use our crowd-sourced translation projects instead. It is easier and faster and will ensure that your translations are not overwritten on each update.  See Using POEDITOR.COM for Translations for more information.

Arabic (AR)
Catalan (CA)
Danish (da_DK)
German (de_DE)
Greek (EL)
English – British (en_GB)
Spanish – Chile (es_CL)
Spanish – Columbia (es_CO)
Spanish (es_ES)
Persian – Iran (fa_IR)
French (fr_FR)
Hebrew – Israel (he_IL)
Croatian (HR)
Hungarian (HU)
Italian (it_IT)
Japanese (JA)
Burmese (my_MM)
Norwegian (nb_NO)
Dutch (nl_NL)
Polish (pl_PL)
Portuguese – Brazil (pt_BR)
Portuguese (pt_PT)
Romanian (ro_RO)
Russian (ru_RU)
Swedish (sv_SE)
Swahili (SW)
Turkish (tr_TR)

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