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Post Installation: Adjust Security

Awesome Support uses the built-in WordPress security system – a combination of WordPress CAPABILITIES and ROLES.

When installed, the only users that can submit tickets are either administrators or those assigned the Support User role. New users will automatically be assigned this role.  BUT, if you are installing into an existing site you need to do one of two things to make sure your existing users will be allowed to enter tickets.

  • Option 1:  Simply edit all of your users and change their ROLE to the Support User role.  For most installs of WordPress this is good enough because the Support User role already incorporates all the Capabilities in the default WordPress Subscriber role. But if you have already customized your WordPress roles and want to keep those roles then option 2 below is what you should use.
  • Option 2:  Grant certain Awesome Support WordPress Capabilities to your existing roles.  We have a separate document to help you accomplish this – read it here.

Optional Security

There are certain specialized WordPress Capabilities that can be assigned to roles.  These are:

administer_awesome_support:  This can be granted to roles who are only allowed to see all options inside of Awesome Support. With this, you do not have to grant your Awesome Support admin full wp-admin or superuser privileges.

manage_licenses_for_awesome_support:  Only roles with this capability can access the license tab.  This protects your licenses from rogue employees who might share your license data with authorized 3rd parties.

view_all_tickets:  Roles with this capability can view and update all tickets, not just their own.  Very useful for supervisors and manager roles.

view_unassigned_tickets: If you have the E-mail Piping add-on installed then this controls who can view and manage “unassigned” tickets.  (Unassigned tickets are tickets or ticket replies that were received via email but could not be properly assigned or routed.)

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