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Post Installation – Enter Your First Ticket (As A Customer)

Once you have completed the installation process, Awesome Support is ready to go.  A new page named SUBMIT TICKET has been created and usually has a slug named “submit-ticket”.  The actual slug depends on your WordPress PERMALINKS settings.  For the remainder of this article we’ll assume that your permalinks are set to the name of the post/page.

Tip: To view the actual permalink (url) of your SUBMIT TICKET page you can edit the page – it will be shown close to the top, just underneath the page title.

You (or your customer) can navigate directly to this page using  Or, you can use the standard WordPress menu builder to add this page to your site’s menu and then use that link to navigate to the page (if its not already been added to the menu with the configuration wizard).

Either way, you will be on the ticket submission page.

By default, your customer has to register an account so fill out the account registration fields and click the Create Account button.   The account will be created and you will immediately be redirected to the ticket creation page.

Note: If you have existing users and you have followed the instructions in the post installation quick start document, then those existing users can usually just log in and submit a ticket right away(no registration necessary)

The default ticket page is very simple – it requires only two pieces of information.

  1. A short summary of the issue which will be used as the ticket title and
  2. A longer description of the issue.

Fill out both fields, click the SUBMIT button and the ticket will be created.

The default installation will automatically assign your Admin account as the agent responsible for the ticket. You will learn how to add agents later.

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