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WPML: Introduction

WPML is the most populate multi-language translation plugin available for WordPress.  It is, as they, say, THE granddaddy of translation plugins.  Awesome Support is compatible with WPML for most basic operations.  For some of the advanced functions, they may or may not work for you – there are many edge cases where the translation functions might fail.  For example, some of the options in our settings screens can only handle one language at a time – the WPML language switcher will not work on some items on that screen.

Because of these edge cases and advanced WPML functions, we do not officially offer support for WPML.

However, we have written an extensive guide to help get you up and running with it!

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read this entire WPML section in the menu order provided.  Skipping an item might cause you to overlook something small but key to making things work!
  1. WPML: Introduction
  2. WPML: Quick Installation Guide
  3. WPML: Set Up Awesome Support For WPML
  4. WPML: Set Languages For Awesome Support Pages
  5. WPML: Set Up The Language Switchers
  6. WPML: Setting Localization Options
  7. WPML: Find All Strings For Awesome Support
  8. WPML: Translating Awesome Support Pages
  9. WPML: Translating Awesome Support Taxonomies
  10. WPML: Translate Administration Panel Items
Please do NOT contact our support group for assistance with WPML.  Instead, we recommend you contact WPML directly.
You can find them at

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