Is it compatible with WPML?

The short answer to this question is: it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.  There have been reports with edge cases where WPML isn’t working perfectly.  Some of the issues you might encounter include:

  • Many of the configuration screens we use only support a single language.  For example, there is only one data entry box for your email templates.  To support more than one language you would need additional data entry boxes – one for each of the languages, which is not something we support.
  • We only support one style sheet – there is no dynamic switching of style-sheets for languages.
  • WPML translations will not work with product syncing with WooCommerce and EDD.

Having said that, we have written an extensive guide to setting up Awesome Support with WPML – for the areas that are supported.  You can find that guide here: WPML Integration With Awesome Support.

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