Missing Tabs or Menu Options After Version 4.0 Upgrade

This happens because new WordPress security capabilities were introduced in version 4.0.0.  If you are using roles that are not standard Awesome Support roles then you might need to modify them to include the additional capabilities:

Here are the new capabilities that were added to Awesome Support 4.0:

For admins and similar users:

  • ‘view_all_tickets’  (Set this only if you want a non-admin user to see all tickets in the ticket list.  This overrides the settings in TICKETS->SETTINGS->ADVANCED)
  • ‘view_unassigned_tickets’  (This only applies if you are using the EMAIL SUPPORT add-on. Grant this to agents or admins or any role that needs to view and manage unassigned tickets)
  • ‘manage_licenses_for_awesome_support’
  • ‘administer_awesome_support’

For agents:

  • ‘ticket_manage_tags’
  • ‘ticket_edit_tags’
  • ‘ticket_delete_tags’
  • ‘ticket_manage_products’
  • ‘ticket_edit_products’
  • ‘ticket_delete_products’
  • ‘ticket_manage_departments’
  • ‘ticket_edit_departments’
  • ‘ticket_delete_departments’
  • ‘ticket_manage_priorities’
  • ‘ticket_edit_priorities’
  • ‘ticket_delete_priorities’
  • ‘ticket_manage_channels’
  • ‘ticket_edit_channels’
  • ‘ticket_delete_channels’

You can use a plugin like User Role Editor to assign these new capabilities to your custom roles.

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