Resolving Conflicts With The AVADA Theme

When Awesome Support is installed on the Avada Theme, you sometimes see strange behavior with drop-downs that require searches – eg: the SUPPORT agent drop-down.  This is usually because Avada and Awesome Support are using different versions of the same library (a library named SELECT2).

A possible resolution is to enable the full version of SELECT2 on Awesome Support:

  • Scroll down to the COMPATIBILITY section
  • Select the FULL or FULL – MINIMIZED option.
  • Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.

In order for this change to activate properly you must clear caches:

  • Clear your WordPress cache (eg: if you’re using WP ROCKET or a similar caching plugin)
  • Clear your CDN cache because javascript files are usually cached on there
  • Clear your browser cache for the same reason
  • Your WordPress host might have a built-in cache as well that need to be cleared
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