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ADMIN: WooCommerce Integration (Basic)

ADMIN: WooCommerce Integration (Basic)


Straight out of the box the free core version of Awesome Support can place a couple of links in your end users WooCommerce dashboard that will take them to the ticket pages:

To turn this option on, go to the TICKETS->SETTINGS-INTEGRATIONS tab. There you can turn this option on as well as set the labels for the links that the user will see.

Once you have filled out this section, scroll down and click the SAVE CHANGES button

Other WooCommerce Integration Options

If our Advance WooCommerce Integration add-on is enabled, you should NOT enable the options on this page!

Synchronizing The WooCommerce And Awesome Support Product Lists

You can synchronize the Awesome Support Product list with the WooCommerce product list – please see this part of our documentation for the process: Synchronizing Product Lists

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