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ADMIN: Email Template Sets

As of version 5.5.2, Awesome Support ships with six different design sets for each of the core emails.  The default set installed for version 5.5.2 – 5.8.0 is called BLUE BLOCKS.  For version 5.9.0 and later the default template set is ELEGANT.  However, you can install any of the other sets at any time.

To install a different set go to the TICKETS->TOOLS->CLEANUP tab.  Scroll down to the INSTALL A TEMPLATE SET section and click on the INSTALL button next to the template set you’d like to use. The set labeled “Default” is a simple text-only set that was installed in all versions of Awesome Support prior to 5.5.2.

Caution: Installing a new set will erase any modifications you have made to the email messages in TICKETS->SETTINGS->EMAILS!


Set Samples


Elegant With Satisfaction Survey Elements

Blue Blocks



Smart Chat
Smart Replies add-on Chat X