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ADMIN: Misc Display Options For Customers (Front-end Users)

Awesome Support includes a number of configuration options to control the size of display lists for end users as well as other useful misc global display options.  To access and update these:

  2. The first section is labeled FRONT END OPTIONS – this is where most of the display options are set for clients/customers/end-users viewing their tickets on the front-end
  3. Turn on or off items as needed in that section – see below for what each item does.
  4. Don’t forget to click the SAVE CHANGES button!

  • Tickets Per Page (Front End):  Controls the number of tickets the user sees in their ticket list on the front end.  The default of 5 is suitable for the vast majority of installations but there are a number of scenarios where this number needs to be much higher because users are generating dozens or even hundreds of tickets.
  • Hide Closed:  Should closed tickets be hidden by default?
  • Hide Ticket ID:  To save space you can remove the ticket id from the ticket list
  • Show Close Ticket Checkbox:  This is an easy way to remove the close checkbox from the front-end if you don’t want users to close tickets

Under the REDIRECTS section there are two options

  • Logout Redirect:  When the user uses the Awesome Support logout button, where should they be sent to after the logout process is complete?
  • New Ticket Redirect:  When the user completes the process of creating a new ticket, where should they be redirected to?  By default they are taken to the new ticket but you can also send them to things like an FAQ or your documentation screen.

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